Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Why I wish I had married."

I found this article in the May 1921 issue of McCall's magazine. The introduction states:

"Are you sorry you are single? If you had your life to live over again, would you marry the man you once rejected? This article, the first of a series, by the married and the unmarried, is the frank confession of a business woman who never married but wishes she had. Read her story and tell us what you think."

This is one of the quotes from the business woman who wrote the article:

"I frankly admit that I would exchange my ten thousand a year salary as an interior decorator for the children and husband I never have had."

This is a very interesting read and helps paint a picture of the changing times for women in the 1920's. The conclusion of the article is below (just click on images to enlarge enough to read.)

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